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Lifestyle Automotive Ltd continues with its plans to import and distribute exclusive but affordable cars into the UK,
Mainland Europe and those Countries which “drive on the left”.
Our retro sports car range is comprised of the PGO Speedster II and Cevennes along with the TD 2000
The performance range was planned to come on stream during 2008 with the Lobini H1 but that company has decided, at least for the moment, to focus on track and racing cars. Instead, 2009 will see the Mastretta MXT sportscar complete European Low Series Approval and go into production. Numbers will be limited to around 80 cars in year one and about 150/annum thereafter. We have also looked at various “muscle” cars but, with concerns growing over environmental pollution, our current focus is very much on lightweight models that can offer great performance plus economy from internal combustion engines (possibly running on CNG or even bio-methane) and ultimately make best use of hybrid technology, fuel cells or solar power.  
Mastretta, PGO and TD2000 were all displayed at the 2008 British International Motor Show
Lifestyle Cars  - Distribution
From Spring 2009 we will be ready to talk with UK dealers about selling our range of Lifestyle Sportscars.
We also wish to engage with European outlets interested in distributing TD 2000 and Mastretta MXT and as the assemblers of PGO cars in RHD we are interested in exporting to countries which “drive on the left”.