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A truly modern classic that puts  the magic back into motoring. How else can you describe the beautifully hand-crafted TD 2000?

According to Simon Hulber (Autocars August 2001) “the history of the TD2000 dates back over to 1984 when enterprising Australian Jaguar dealer, Ross Marshall, bought the original MG TD tooling, which had by then found its way to the USA.”  The car’s resemblance to a 1950s original is so close that most admirers presume it to be a well-preserved survivor. What could be better? Well, for a start, it sports leading edge technology – a 1998cc, twin-cam, 130bhp, fuel-injected engine and five speed gearbox plus disc brakes on all wheels - so forget expensive restoration, just turn the key and escape.

"Anybody who wants old car style without old car hassle will most likely have much more fun behind the wheel of a TD2000 than behind the wheel of the real thing." Simon Goldsworthy: full article in MG Enthusiast July 2008.

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