Speedster II and Cevennes –
really cool sports cars

PGO Automobiles is France's most exclusive
sports car manufacturer with a history stretching back more than twenty years. The classic, retro styling of Speedster II and Cevennes models has encouraged several admirers to declare PGO “the most beautiful sports cars ever” but PGO is about performance as well as looks.

Top Gear often extol the absence of ABS and traction control in sports cars so fortunately PGOs have neither but they do have a crash-tested spaceframe, something not found on all hand built sporting automobiles even the expensive ones. Combined with a mid-mounted engine this ensures solidity and surefootedness that were appreciated
by Roger Green of EVO Magazine:

“ It’s obvious from the moment you pull away that
the whole car has been well engineered. The fit and finish are first rate, there are no shakes, shimmies
or rattles and it feels at least as good as a product from a major manufacturer. More to the point, it
rides beautifully and yet corners hard and fast with minimal body roll. It hangs on well through the
bends, keying into the tarmac and slingshotting
out with little fuss or wasted effort”

The badge conscious may buy BMW, Lotus, Porsche and indeed Morgan but PGO builds for discerning customers who prefer their exclusivity. Still, a PGO sports car is not for shrinking violets. It attracts levels of attention normally associated with Bugatti or Koenigsegg so fortunately, unlike some sports cars, a PGO allows ladies to exit with dignity. Cool Car…..…Cool Price
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